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Reimbursify is the fastest, surest way to claim your money back, when your practitioner doesn’t accept your insurance plan. Use our mobile app to submit healthcare reimbursement claims and keep track of them every step of the way.

Say goodbye to
paper forms, snail
mail and phone calls

Simplify all of your out-of-network claims.
File your first claim free!

How It Works

Claim your money back in seconds with our mobile app


You pay your practitioner and receive a receipt (also known as a “superbill”)

You use our mobile app to submit a reimbursement claim to your insurance company

We update you on the status of your claim

You receive a reimbursement check from your insurance company (or an equivalent amount applied to your OON deductible, if applicable)

Key Benefits

Accepted Everywhere

Works with *ANY* Private Insurance Company. (Does not work with Medicaid or traditional Medicare.)

Quicker Processing

Your claim is optimized to get processed as fast as possible.

Reimbursement is Sent to You

The money you get back will be sent directly to you from your insurance company. Reimbursify never takes a percentage of your reimbursement!

We Keep Score for You

We automatically update the status of your out-of-network deductible as your claims are processed, so you know exactly when you will be getting money back from your insurance company.

Guaranteed Delivery

Our claims won't get "lost in the mail"

Claim Status Updates

We keep you up to date, every step of the way, as your claims are processed by your insurance company.

Claims History

View every claim you have ever submitted in one place, including the status of each one.

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